Lars Magnus Fylke

Profile picture of Lars Magnus Fylke, the founder of Bumblebee Mind.

Lars Magnus Fylke is the founder, and currently the only full-time developer at Bumblebee Mind. He does whatever needs to be done, everything from business and marketing to art and programming. A jack-of-all-trades with big dreams and the experience to make them reality.

Before founding Bumblebee Mind, Lars Magnus worked at Starbreeze Studios, Avalanche Studios, Defiant Studios and People Can Fly. In various roles, such as Gameplay Programmer, Lead Co-Op Programmer, Lead Gameplay Programmer, Project Manager and Senior Producer. He has worked on several AAA titles, like The Chronicles of Riddick, Syndicate, Just Cause 3 & 4 and Outriders. A handful of smaller and cancelled projects. As well as a couple of VR Titles, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files and Megalodon VR.

Role: Everything
Started: February 2020
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Former Contractors

Javier Olazabal – LinkedIn

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